Map & Location

Map & Location

The shortest distance (air line) between Bangkok and Koh Chang is 170.00 mi (273.58 km). Until the time that the Siam Beach Minibus returns, you are most welcome to visit the Koh Chang Minibus & Trat Airport Transfers page to bangkok to koh chang book minivan or private car transfers from Koh Chang to Bangkok, Trat Airport, Aranyaprathet, Hat Lek, Pattaya or Ban Phe through a closely related Minibus company on Koh Chang.

Alternatively, there are 1st class (approximately 5 hr, around 250 baht) and 2nd class services from both the Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekamai) and Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit) direct to Trat , and frequent songthaew services from Trat to Laem Ngop (approximately 30 minutes, 50 baht/person).

It’s worth bearing in mind that most Bangkok taxi drivers wont have ever driven to Trat before so you’ll have to have an idea of which direction you should be going in. The taxis also usually won’t go onto the island, they’ll drop you off at the pier and then head back to Bangkok.

Trips to Koh Chang island can be booked through any of the travel agents on Kao Sarn road, or anywhere else in the city and most of them will take you directly to the pier at Laem Ngop, while some may even take you all the way to the Siam Bay resort on Koh Chang island.

BANGKOK AIRPORTS or DOWNTOWN BANGKOK PICK UP’SĀ are available, but note that if your flight lands after 07:30 you will have to spend a night in a hotel in Trat, as the minibus won’t be able to get you to the pier before 13:00 (last departure from the mainland to Koh Kood island) For more comfortable Limousine transfers from Bangkok, contact the Siam Resorts Bangkok Limousines , or the Koh Chang Minibus to Laem Sok service if there are 3 or more people in your party.