Wheelchairs & Folding Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs & Folding Wheelchairs


You or a loved one may find yourself in need of a wheelchair at some point in your life. For more information on wheelchairs and the benefits of different types then view our FREE Wheelchair Buying Guide or call one of our team on 01444 253300. Your local authority is also responsible for issuing static seating (which might include chairs that offer more stability and support ) and night time posture support (which might include special mattresses or bed accessories ) if required.

Spinlife also features a selection of ultralightweight sports chairs for highly active users. Lightweight Folding Wheelchairs — These Invacare, Quickie, and TiLite lightweight folders are made from lightweight yet durable http://www.simplelifemobility.co.uk/wheelchairs aluminum or titanium alloys. A lighter option than standard wheelchairs, lightweight chairs are perfect for those who plan on using their chairs more frequently.

You can get information on mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs as well as information on accessible transport from Rica, an independent consumer research charity for older and disabled people. For Guests requiring assistance, wheelchairs are available for rent at all Walt Disney World theme and water parks as well as Disney Springs.

We feature a wide selection of transport chairs, including standard transport chairs, lightweight transport chairs, heavy duty/high weight capacity transport chairs, and transport chairs that feature removable armrests. The wheels of folding chairs may be permanently attached, but those for rigid chairs are commonly fitted with quick-release axles activated by depressing a button at the centre of the wheel.

Wheelchairs and scooters are not meant for recreational devices but are intended for assistance to individuals needing help with mobility. Most traditional wheelchairs also have handles on the seats, so that they can be pushed by a caregiver as needed. Lightweight wheelchairs also offer more customizable options than basic wheelchairs.